He creates new things out of nothing

Forgive my quiet these last few days, dear readers. I have been contemplating the Creator nature of God, and today’s confession is an awesome concept that I can barely grasp. The all-powerful-ness of it both comforts me and challenges me.

Saturday, I catapulted myself into the fear zone by publishing my debut novel, Forsaken, on Amazon. (For a more detailed description of Forsaken, click on the Books tab.) I tried for almost fifteen years to get noticed by a traditional publisher. I wrote, met with critique partners, attended conferences, wrote query letters, sent proposals according to individual instructions, joined writers groups, networked, studied the craft of fiction writing, and studied the business of novel writing. I prayed. I wept. I prayed some more and I tried to quiet my desire to become published. God continued to light that fire within me.

Then, with the progress of the internet and some brilliant people, self-publishing became more realistic. Less of a stigma. It became, at the very least, a way to make a couple of bucks and find out if I really wasn’t ready for traditional publication. So my Great Experiment began. And so did my internal speech.

He makes a way where there is none. He guards my reputation. He opens doors that can not be closed, and He closes doors that can not be opened. Romans 4:17 says He brings the dead back to life and He creates new things out of nothing.

Since Saturday, I have been busy confessing this truth because of the peace and strength it gives:

God creates new things out of nothing.

As if we need examples of this, we can point to the creation of the world. Angels, light, dark, stars, the sun and the moon. Plants, animals, oceans. The creation of human beings in His image. And He made a way for us to be saved when it looked like there could be no hope.

Now, He has created another new thing. I’m a published author! Praise God for His creator nature and His faithfulness.

What has God created in your life?

4 thoughts on “He creates new things out of nothing

  1. First things first. This. is. INCREDIBLE!! Congratulations!! 🙂

    To answer your question now…

    God has created within me a sense of joy that I’ve never experienced before. I could be having a bad day, but then I just think about how wonderful He is and think about the fact that He MADE this day. It just really changed my perspective and allows me to see the good in the bad.

    He’s created within me patience to deal with people. He’s created peace about my insecurities and He’s given me His love, grace, and mercy to correct those things within me.

    He’s created a new person. I’m so thankful! It truly makes me want to shout for joy sometimes! I’m a new creation!! Thank you Lord!

    He’s created freedom within me!

    1. Ah, Jennifer, thank you! And what a blessing this is to hear. I love knowing that His creation is always being renewed and if we’re willing, He changes our hearts. You’ve gotten a new life! Praise God! Blessings on you, dear sister.

  2. Congratulations! I have a book out now too, but I totally skipped the attempt to get noticed by publishers, and I did it on Createspace.com. It’s such an awesome accomplishment.

    And actually, I found this day’s post only because I clicked your name and chose “Random post”. Interesting because the Lord just used this particular day to confirm something I was wondering about earlier. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Jennifer, I looked at your book on your site. It sounds fabulous. I’d love to chat sometime about writing and publishing experiences! So glad you found me – the Lord is good to direct us to what we need when we need it, isn’t He?

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