God’s love for me is everlasting

I spent most of my Valentine’s days alone before I met my husband (and I didn’t marry the most romantic man), so it’s not my favorite holiday. I always longed to get a note or a flower or a special smile that let me know I was in someone’s thoughts. I didn’t really consider the One who made Valentine’s day. After all, we love because He first loved us.

So I turn to the ultimate love note and find promises that take my breath away. Like Jeremiah 31:3. “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.”

Well, that just gives me warm tingles. Everlasting is a cool word, I think. It reminds me of fairy tales, strong music, and timelessness. When I pair it with God’s love for me, ‘cool’ just doesn’t describe it.

How do I consider everlasting? Timeless is a good way. Strong. Or I could use the No Matter What principle. Here’s how it goes:

The person I love most just said I’m ugly, incompetent, and a waste of their time. God loves me no matter what.

I say some very mean thing to someone who had a rotten day, effectively destroying their spirit. God loves me no matter what.

I kick a puppy across the street. God loves me no matter what.

I allow myself to be used, abused, turned inside out, stomped on, branded, and snuffed out. God loves me. No. Matter. What. Unconditional. Forever. Eternity. Without end. That’s the No Matter What principle, and that’s everlasting.

God’s love for me is everlasting.

In Isaiah 54:8, God says that with everlasting love, He has compassion on us. We can’t stop or change His love for us, and no one can take us away from Him once we’ve made the decision.

Everlasting, people. Confess the truth with me today and every time you feel alone or invisible. God’s love for me is everlasting. Write that on a frilly heart and stick it to your computer monitor!

What do you love or hate about Valentine’s Day?

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