I will pray about everything

My husband likes to play the devil’s advocate with me. I state my confession and he throws lightning fast questions that seem to contradict the truth of God’s word. The fun in this is hearing a distorted perspective. It’s fascinating to see how the enemy might twist words, using my own weaknesses to make me doubt what I read in the Bible.

Last night’s “game” centered on prayer. He said we can pray, but God doesn’t always grant our requests. True, I said. But what are we praying for? Our will, or God’s? I don’t pretend to know the intricacies of prayer, but I know the Bible says to ask anything in His name (and remember all that goes into asking in His name: grace, peace, love, and all that) and He will grant it. See John 15 for more on that.

I told my husband that the important thing is to continue praying, as Philippians 4:6 says. Maybe we won’t get what we ask for, but God knows our hearts better than we do. After all, did I really want to be a star on Broadway? I don’t like bright lights shining in my eyes. Do I really want to live in that gigantic house? It is a lot of space to get cluttered and dirty. To maintain. To clean. Constantly.


I will pray about everything.

How can we hear from God if we’re not open to Him? If we quit talking to Him, we can no longer see His hand at work. Our hearts get hardened to His grace and mercy. Our ears close to His voice. That’s a dangerous place to operate. Even if we’re only praying that we feel abandoned or bitter, or telling Him we don’t know how to pray, He’s listening. Start talking!

Have you allowed something to close your mouth to God?

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