Christ’s love controls me

I choke and my fingers stumble a bit as I type that heading. Christ’s love controls me. It’s a convicting confession.

The truth is that I don’t always act as though the love of Jesus Christ controls me. I have a slightly sarcastic streak – something the apostle Paul and I might share. After all, he did apologize to the Corinthian church for not costing them financially (2 Corinthians 12:13). I’ve been known to spout off to certain internet providers for their unnaturally slow connection, lack of customer service, and outrageously high prices. Oh, that I had the power to completely overhaul huge corporations with a single snap of my fingers!

Er… Sorry. Got off track there.

Have you ever said something that made you cringe to remember it? I have. It shames me to admit that those things are often said to my family. We do hurt the ones we love. Thank Jesus for His and their forgiving natures.

Today, instead of getting angry and emotionally wrought over my littlest little’s ear-piercing screams or my biggest little’s selective hearing loss, I will remember that Christ’s love controls me, as 2 Corinthians 5:14 says. Instead of threatening to bury an entire technology department in poison pen letters, I will remember that Jesus Christ lives in me and His love controls me. Instead of considering insulting (albeit clever and humorous) comments to hurl at someone, I will remember…

Christ’s love controls me.

Say it with me. Even in the heat of the moment, those words have a way of defusing the situation. The best part is that as you act on this confession, others will notice it. They’ll wonder what’s gotten into you. And you’ll have the perfect opportunity to tell them.

How does Christ’s love change you? I really want to know!

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