I wait quietly before God for my victory comes from Him

One of my husband’s favorite movies is The Matrix. Every once in awhile, he straps me to a chair and forces my eyelids open while he watches, rewinds, and relates specific scenes. I’ll admit, the movie captures my attention because of its parallels with Christian belief. The One, Zion, plugging into reality, and living in faith regardless of what the situation looks like are familiar concepts to me. Difficult at times, but familiar.

The past few days I’ve struggled with reality versus appearance. As I work to promote my novel, learn marketing techniques, network, and still move on to a new book, the odds look stacked against me. It seems everywhere I turn, someone is telling me that I will never rise above the pack. They want me to believe that my silly little Christian fiction book is not worth attention, and that I’m wasting my time to dream big and push for success.

It appears that I’m defeated before I even begin. But what is the reality?

I must turn to the Bible for the truth. What’s the opposite of ‘defeat’? Not success, because that’s relative for every person and their situation. My definition of success changes with my mood and needs. To pay the electric bill, to turn my husband into a nanny, to see my characters come to life on the Hallmark channel, these have all been featured in my ‘success file’.

No, the opposite of ‘defeat’ is not ‘success’. It’s ‘victory’. Psalm 62:1 says, “I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.” It’s interesting how my feelings of defeat shrink when I read those words. How they lose potency when I read them out loud, and then how they disappear entirely when I say them out loud again.

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.

Defeat, though loud and in my face, is not the reality. Victory through God is reality. I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him. Will you reject defeat and confess this with me today?

Do you ever fight feelings of defeat? What is your reality?

I have overwhelming victory

There’s no easy way to begin today’s confession. It smacks one of the most pervasive temporal experiences about life right in the face. This culture, this economy, the lifestyle we live, and the people surrounding us attest to the lack of truth in our lives.

It was much too recently that I rocked a 13 month old baby in my lap, five months pregnant with another, weeping with fatigue, hopelessness, helplessness, and post-partum depression. My husband worked out of town four nights a week, leaving me with an unruly teenager and an infant and all of the daily hardships I couldn’t handle. I couldn’t find paying work in spite of sending out over 100 resumes and job inquiries in a six-week time frame. We couldn’t afford our mortgage payment. We barely got meals on the table. Every one of my five senses told me there was no hope. No God. No end to the struggle.

Thank goodness there’s more to life than what we can see and feel.

While my struggles – and yours – are real to life today, they are not the biggest and most important truth. They are lies meant to cripple you, to take your faith and your vitality and ultimately your life. I felt weak and powerless as I walked through this hardship. Valueless. Alone. Victimized.

To believe any of the lies this world casts on you all day is to accept far less than what you are meant to be. I am not a victim. I am not alone. I am not powerless, and you aren’t either. You have great value. Because our strength and power comes from the timeless Creator of the world, it is limitless and possible of infinite creativity.

Today’s confession might seem difficult and unrealistic in the face of your struggles, but that makes it even more important to look in the mirror and say it out loud.

Despite life’s struggles, I have overwhelming victory through Christ who loves me. Romans 8:37

What are you struggling with today? How does this confession change the way you see it?