God will generously provide all I need

Can you separate your needs and your wants? I’ll be honest; it’s difficult for me to do that sometimes.

I need shelter – but I really want a beautiful house with a master bathroom.

I need heat in the winter – but I would so love a fireplace to deliver it instead of (or in addition to!) the furnace.

I need food and drink – but chocolate and iced tea nurture my soul!

“God will generously provide all you need”  Corinthians 9:8. Two words in this scripture seem at odds to me. What does it mean when the Bible says God will generously provide all I need? Chocolate and iced tea are luxuries and for now they still fit in my budget, but can I expect the fireplace and master bathroom? They are not essentials to my existence, so perhaps not. I do know He will provide what I need, and that’s a comfort in this world where nothing is certain, where I can’t do or be enough, and where everyone thinks of himself first.

If you find yourself in a position of need today, turn it into a prayer and then confess the truth with confidence. He hears you! He loves you, and He wants you to trust Him.

God will generously provide all I need.

The bonus that’s implied in this scripture is that He knows what I need. He knows better than I do, so I can rest peacefully without worrying about my future or my children’s futures. Maybe that’s just part of his generous nature.

What do you need today? How do you see Him providing for you?