Do whatever He tells you

When was the last time someone told you to do something? If you’re married or have a boss, chances are it was fairly recent. (If you have children, you’ve likely been told to do something within the last five minutes. Or two minutes. Or are being told right now.)

So did you do it? Whatever that person told you to do, did you obey?

I have to admit, obedience used to be one of my finer points. I don’t know if it’s a good point or a bad one, but as long as I knew what the directions were I could – and did – follow them. As I get older, I find that’s harder to do. The voice I want to obey now is not as clearly heard as my dad’s voice when I was young. It’s not as immediate as my husband’s voice or as loud as my children’s voices, though it should be all those things in its stillness and softness.

Perhaps it’s not the decibel or the clarity or the physical nearness that’s important to obeying. Perhaps it’s as simple as faith. If I have the faith that God will reach me in a way I can hear and understand, I will still obey Him. And obedience to God is vital to our relationship with Him and to our quality of life.

Today’s confession requires simple faith of a different sort than yesterday’s. This time, the burden of action is on you. But don’t worry. You won’t have to do it without Him. You can’t even if you try!

Do whatever He tells you. John 2:5

Today, you will confess to yourself and to Him that you will do whatever He tells you to do. Do it in faith that He will tell you in a way you can understand. Do it knowing that you want to obey Him. Do it knowing you are not alone.

“I will do whatever You tell me.”

What is He telling you to do today?