His faithful love endures forever

Someone asked me this weekend if I could find the word ‘unconditional’ in the Bible. As in, God’s love is unconditional. Salvation is unconditional. Mercy and grace are unconditional. Of course I can find it! It’s everywhere, I said. And then I went to my Bible and tried to find it.

…Looking, looking. (You may begin humming the tune from Jeopardy as I search.)

Well, so it’s not everywhere. Actually, I couldn’t find the word ‘unconditional’ anywhere. But that’s okay. The Bible doesn’t have the word ‘trinity’ in it, either. Or ‘rapture.’ But that doesn’t make those concepts any less true or relevant. God’s unconditional love is defined and demonstrated through the lives of people in Scripture:

Abraham, who tried to rush God’s covenant blessing with Hagar.

Sarah, who laughed in disbelief when she heard the covenant blessing.

Jacob, who lied about his identity and essentially stole the birthright from his older brother.

David and Bathsheba, who committed adultery and then tried to cover it up with murder.

God’s love and blessing stayed with these people (with me!) in spite of bad decisions and faithlessness. Jesus’ life and death is proof of unconditional love, and these examples speak to my heart when I fear I’ve messed up so badly He must turn His face in shame. In 1 Chronicles 16, King David teaches the priests and the people to sing, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever.” Remembering this truth also gives me strength to keep going when I’m so tired I can only imagine falling face-first in the dirt and passing out for days.

His faithful love endures forever.

When I remember all He has done for me and the power that lives inside me, I feel compelled to get up out of the dirt and take another step. Praying for direction with each footfall, I take another step. And without realizing it, His faithful love has guided me through the fear and doubt. I rest safely on the other side, encouraging others with the truth. His faithful love endures forever.

What does His faithfulness help you accomplish?

Is anything too hard for God?

It is Monday morning, and my best intentions today include formatting my book for release and scheduling a few interviews for my next free release. But it seems someone has other plans.

My house (read: my children) are in a state of chaos. My littlest little one cries incessantly. My biggest little one teases, roars like a lion, and races through the house on all fours. (He’s into wild life these days.) My dog barks at cats on the television, lights on the wall, and her own shadow.

It’s a little hard to concentrate.

In times like these, I turn my face to the heavens and remember God’s power and today’s confession. Is anything too hard for the Lord? (Genesis 18:14) 

The first time it’s recorded, God says this is in the face of 89-year-old Sarah’s laughter over having a baby within a year. The second time, God refers to His plans to hand Israel and Judah over to the Babylonians for their continued disobedience (Jeremiah 32:27).

Guess what? Each of those events occurred. They are examples of His love, power, and faithfulness. And because He did that, I know He can – even wants to! – take care of me and my little ones.

Possibly, the reason my littles seem like a hurricane on steroids is because I want to do something that reveals God’s love and faithfulness. The enemy does not like that. I need to draw on God’s power every day to continue in this battle called life, and so do you. Today, look at each situation in your life and declare His might and His love for you.

After all, the battle belongs to the Lord.

Nothing is too hard for God.

What situations in your life seem too hard? How does it help you to recognize that nothing is too hard for God?