The Lord is my strength and my song

Happy Tuesday, Confess-ers. (I actually looked that one up. It doesn’t exist in the dictionary I traditionally use, though the word ‘confessors’ does. But that one means a priest who hears confessions, and while you might be a priest, I’m guessing the majority of my readers are not. So I made up a new word to fit the situation and it will go in my own personal dictionary along with words like conversorial and nephanderthal. Ask my husband for the definitions because he’s usually the one making up the words.)

When I was in college, sleep-deprived and distracted, I often made the 30-minute commute between my house and the campus without a single realization of how I got there. Today is much the same. I have no idea how we got to Tuesday because it was just yesterday that I posted my last confession.

A quick update on my husband (I’ll call him dh, writer-speak for dear husband, from now on): His knee surgery was a worst-case scenario. The doctor actually turned his kneecap over and grafted bone and cartilage into a 2cm hole. But the good news is that he won’t he non-weight bearing for six weeks. As he’s able, he can begin walking on it with assistance even now, less than one week later. Praise God!

Today’s confession is dedicated to my dh. He’s the strongest man I know, physically and mentally, but he didn’t get there without God. Thankfully he recognizes that. His surgery on Wednesday, and the recovery since then, has demanded that he rely on God for strength. I’m learning just what that means, and Exodus 15:2 is a powerful confession for the reality of our strength. “The Lord is my strength and my song; He has given me victory. This is my God and I will praise Him – my father’s God, and I will exalt Him!”

The Lord is my strength and my song.

I find that in the midst of hardship, if we can offer a sacrifice of praise – or song – we can bear the difficulty. Inside God’s grace, we find His strength and it carries us. We begin seeing only His goodness and kindness, and the hardship becomes less immediate. Not invisible or invalid, but not impossible. So whatever your hardship is today, find your way into God’s presence and confess this truth. I know I will.

What is YOUR declaration for strength in hard times?