God is almighty

I found a very cool post last week where the writer made an alphabet of affirmations. Check it out here. I liked it so much, I thought I’d love to do one myself. It’s the ultimate craft that will serve everyone. And I can make more than one, using each for a month and rotating or turning them into calendar gifts.

With that thought, I’ve been pondering an ‘A’ affirmation. There are many. Authority. Abundant joy. Ask anything in Jesus’ name. Anything is possible if you believe. Then I landed on the one that spoke volumes to my spirit: Almighty.

I began this blog to confess the truth about my power in Christ. Only by focusing on Him can I move past these fears. His authority over all creation and His love for me determines how I live my life. The truth is that Jesus is truth. All He is, all He did and does for me, all His love for me; it’s truth that transforms. So today’s truth and the beginning of my alphabet affirmations focuses on His nature.

You are El-Shaddai, God Almighty.

By confessing the truth about who He is, I remove myself from the situation. Fear becomes irrelevant. This Hebrew name for God comes from Genesis 17:1, where God makes a covenant with Abraham and promises countless descendants. In doing so, He declares His awesome power and love. Who but the Creator of the universe could turn a ninety-nine-year-old man and a ninety-year-old woman into parents? And who but God Almighty could make them happy about it?

If He could do that, He can surely transform my life. He can take these fears, as big as they seem to me, and replace them with peace and assurance. He can make my life into something that pleases Him. And He can do it for you too.

Does it change your outlook to focus on God’s character?