I have peace at all times and in every situation

Today’s confession can be a challenge, and it’s sure to be necessary at some point for some reason every day for the rest of the year.

Thanksgiving week is at our doorsteps – and immediately after that will be the Christmas season. Whether you celebrate these holidays with the rest of the country or choose to recognize the purpose of the holidays in another way, the busy-ness of the season is undeniable. It’s easy to overlook the brightness, the hope, and the joy. Let’s be honest, celebrating abundance and the birth of our Savior can be stressful.

No matter how you celebrate, take time today to stop the busy-ness and reflect on the person of Jesus Christ. And let today’s confession move your spirit to places of rest, trust, and peace. As 2 Thessalonians 3:16 says, “Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation.” Not to be simplistic, but it can be as easy as believing it and accepting it. Repeatedly. Accept it over and over, every time you feel it slipping away, confess it again.

I have peace at all times and in every situation.

His peace surpasses understanding, so when the noise around you is deafening and the chores seem insurmountable you can calm the storm within and truly give thanks for the gift of Him.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas? What are the sources of stress you face?