We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!

Yowza, it’s been ages since I posted a confession. Is anyone still out there? 😉

While I find my blogging voice again, and as I continue to bumble my way through motherhood and life in general, lapses are bound to happen. Being transparent is one of my trademarks (I can’t quite figure out *how* to look like I’ve got it all together), so I pray my hiccups and stumbles encourage someone in the way you never think clumsiness can be a blessing but it becomes one to the person who needs it most.

Yes, I do plan on getting better about the run-on sentences. As in, they will likely still happen, but perhaps not as often and maybe they’ll be more clear when they do make an appearance. I’m a work in progress, people.

In any case, as I walk this mothering/wife-ing/writing path, I’ll be confessing my ability to do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Will you confess the truth with me?

One thought on “We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!

  1. Yes I will confess with you I can do ALL Things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!!! I feel the same way it’s been months since I have had a moment to blog .I just posted one Sunday (finally). I believe God will continue to give us the strength to be Great Moms, Great Wives and Great Women of God who strive to encourage and motivate others by sharing our hearts ! God Bless you !

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