Special Post: I need your help!

It’s not often you see a post twice in one 24-hour stretch, so this must be something special, right? (It’s becoming uncommon that you see a post twice in one week, but I digress…)

Many of you know that I published my debut novel, Forsaken, a couple of months ago. It is available in digital format only, and I’d love to offer it in paperback. So I began a project on kickstarter.com to raise funds. These funds will help me purchase the software to design my book covers and get books printed.

But I need your help.

I have until May 30 to raise $800. Would you consider supporting me in this project? You will receive rewards for the amount you pledge, and you won’t be charged until the project is completed. If I don’t raise the full amount, you get charged nothing. But if I do raise the full amount, you’ll get a paperback or two, and you might even get to contribute to a character name.

Full details are available on my project page at Kickstarter. There’s also a video where I explain my goals a little, and my biggest little tells you he wants everything so his little sister can have nothing. That’s a bonus for you.

Thanks for reading, and keep confessing the truth!

P.S. Tomorrow will be another special post. A guest blog by Amy Bayliss, author of Pursuit of Proverbs 31. Hope you enjoy that!

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