I have great joy

My littles think there’s a Spanish-speaking lady living in the back of our car.

I’ve developed the habit of keeping a bag of donation items in the car, and this particular bag has an electronic device that must be set on Spanish. As we round a corner, the lady pipes up. “Hola!” and she uses a lot of words I used to know but now can only guess at. They gasp and look at each other, eyes wide and mouths open, and my biggest little begins mimicking her in words I’ve never known. Then belly laughs fill the space around me, and my face splits in a wide grin because of the great joy God has given me.

Psalm 4:7 says, “You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine.” While this piece of Scripture isn’t speaking directly about children, it’s the perfect confession because our children ARE from God. When we let them, they are an endless source of joy that is more satisfying than food or drink. (Er, yes. There are times we prefer food and lots of drink, such as previously mentioned screaming and water incidents. But that’s not the point here.)

I have great joy.

And if you don’t have children, God has done something different to give you great joy. Look around. Sunshine, friends, freedom, good food, a Savior.

Sometimes a good belly laugh is the only cure for life. (Well, that and dancing to Harry Connick, jr.) My littles have perfected this, and I’m learning how right they are. I’m learning to slow my mad dashing and take a few minutes to enjoy the simple things. Like a Spanish lady in the back of my car.

What brings you great joy?

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