The Lord protects all those who love Him

Several months ago, my husband and I watched the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. To put it simply, his character lives in a perpetual dream state. Once he seems to be awake, he wonders if he’s truly awake because his dreams were so real. It’s a fascinating movie that really messed with my mind for a few days because I dream very vividly and it seems to be a constant condition. Unfortunately, my dreams are rarely happy.

Last night’s dream was no exception. I woke in the dark, clutching the blankets and my husband’s arm, tears streaming, dragging in deep breaths like a woman starved for air. Only I was starving for reality. Today’s confession brings comfort because I know it is the truth.

The Lord protects all those who love Him.

This is taken straight from Psalm 145:20. It was tempting to make the confession, “The Lord protects me,” and He does, but I need to know that He protects all those who love Him (emphasis mine). My biggest fears involve harm to the ones I love, but if I can place them in God’s hands and trust that they have a relationship with Him, I can rest in the certainty that He will protect them far better than I can. In doing that, He protects me from destruction. I just have to trust Him.

That’s a tall order some days, trust. For that reason, I will speak this truth into my life today. I will speak it into the lives of the ones I love. The Lord protects my husband who loves Him. The Lord protects my children who love him. The Lord protects me.

What are your biggest fears?


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