God’s thoughts toward me are kind

When I was younger, my mind seemed much more organized. I could multi-task fairly well and hold a thought for longer than thirty seconds. That all changed when I had children.

After each of my littles was born, it felt like my mind was caught in the dangerous edges of a cyclone. Whipping, spinning, wild and unruly. I couldn’t grasp the simplest thing. If someone asked me what I was thinking, I was just as likely to tell them I couldn’t remember as to offer some pitiful thread of consciousness. I’m so thankful God brought me out of that. And I’m thankful for today’s confession because it illustrates the greatness of this God who loves us and calls us to Himself.

God’s thoughts toward me are kind.

Psalm 40:5 tells us that His works are wonderful. In the next sentence, we learn that His thoughts toward us are too many to be numbered. Doesn’t it follow, then, that His many thoughts toward us are wonderful? Doesn’t it also make sense that He would send His Son to die for us only if His thoughts toward us are kind?

I’ve been thinking the last few days about Valentine’s day and what it means to me, a very silly, romantic-type girl who is married to a very logical, un-romantic-type man. In a nutshell, it means I can plan my own gift if I want one and he doesn’t even realize February 14th is marked in red and pink. But God is the ultimate love. He is patient, forgiving, and just. His gifts and His call can never be removed. His love is everlasting. And His thoughts toward me are kind.

Will you include God, the ultimate love, in your Valentine’s day plans?

2 thoughts on “God’s thoughts toward me are kind

  1. God should definitely be involved in Valentine’s Day plans however I think that your husband, (assuming that he is a believer), should be in the word a little more in the areas of cherishing, and treating his bride like Christ treats the church. I am definitely the more logical type in our relationship. I would encourage you to look to the Lord for comfort, but I can tell you from personal experience that not confronting your husband in a loving way concerning your needs will lead to problems in the future. My wife and I were separated for two years and without the grace of God and both of our commitment to following Gods leading, we would be another of the divorce statistics that are so common today. God bless you for all you share in your blog.

  2. Hi Vernon! I wondered as I posted this if it sounded like my husband doesn’t treat me very well. I’ve mentioned him in posts before, and it’s possible people think that. 😉 Actually, he is a strong believer! I know he cherishes me and he’s affectionate in a daily way instead of a few times a year during holidays, but I also realize his love language is more in the ‘acts of service’ category. The truth is, no matter how well my husband loves me, God can love me better. I’m blessed enough that he often follows the Lord’s leading. And I’m glad you shared about your relationship – it stands as a good reminder! Praise God for bringing you and your wife together again. Blessings on you both today!

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