Christ is all that matters

What are you facing today? Depression? Insurmountable odds? Illness or pain or wounds? An abusive relationship?

What’s keeping you in that place? Fear? Physical impairments? Disbelief?

I want you to say today’s confession with me:

Christ is all that matters.

Say it again and again until it changes the way you view your life, your circumstances, the world. Yes, it’s important to address your situation, especially if there’s depression or abuse. Tell someone. Get help. But recognize that ultimately our help comes from God, the maker of heaven and earth. And in our struggles, Christ is all that truly matters. Sometimes we can’t avoid pain. Loss is a part of life. Living in this sinful world, we will face illness, brokenness, obstacles, and all manner of evil. But what are you doing in the midst of it?

The apostle Paul faced homelessness, hunger, cold, pain, and death every day, but he used his situation to press closer to Jesus and he found freedom from oppression. He spread the news of Jesus with every obstacle that seemed to rise up in front of him. Prison? Preach to the guards. Shipwreck? Lead the natives to salvation. A thorn in his flesh? Pray and spread the hope he received from God.

Because “Christ is all that matters, and He lives in each of us.” Colossians 3:11

Take your challenges today and use them to fight the good fight. Tell the enemy to get behind you and spread some healing hope to someone (to yourself!). Help them realize that Christ is all that matters, no matter what we face in this life. Jesus saves.

What is your challenge today? Leave a comment and let me pray with you!

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