I am complete through Jesus Christ

I watched one of my favorite movies this weekend, Pride and Prejudice. It was the BBC A&E version, fabulous in all its five hours of Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennett, and Mr. Darcy. “Mr. Darcy’s good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.” So. Worth. Five. Hours.

But it got me thinking about the characters and the actors and their real lives. Which led to thinking about other actors, and in this day of instant information via the World Wide Web, I got to researching. And what I found made me sad. As if God opened a door into someone’s heart, I reeled, lost and hopeless in dark world. I chased one rabbit trail after another, searching for understanding, love, companionship, and some way to ease the ache that seemed rooted in my spirit. Lovers, drugs, travel, acting. Some of it might have helped for a moment, but nothing lasted.

It’s not uncommon that people surrounded by fame and fortune go haywire. Even if they have a solid upbringing in the truth, they can get caught up in other things that promise fulfillment. The same is true for everyone. When we don’t get the answer to prayer that we’re looking for, or when prayer comes with difficulty, when life is much less than what we planned, we can easily go searching for something to ease the pain. Something to take the edge off our disappointment. Something to fill the void. And it doesn’t take long before we’re looking to that other thing instead of to God for our solutions.

Thank God for His everlasting goodness and His patience. Thank God for always luring us back to the truth. Thank God for today’s confession, which shines light and hope into the lives of all who believe in Him. “So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority” Colossians 3:10.

I am complete through my union with Jesus Christ.

I do not need to go looking for answers and comfort in every corner and from every person who offers it. I need to look only as far as Jesus Christ, evidenced in the Bible, and feel His spirit in me.

How does it change your outlook and actions to realize you are complete through Jesus?

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