I bring my requests to God and wait expectantly

What is faith?

Hebrews says faith is confidence that what we hope for will actually happen (11:1 NLT). And the Bible talks in great depth about hope. Our hope is in the Lord (Psalm 42:5). Jesus gives us hope (1 Timothy 1:1). We have eager hope (Romans 8:20), enduring hope (1 Thessalonians 1:3), Christian hope (1 peter 3:15). As believers in Christ, we are meant to have confident hope (Romans 12:12).

All this to encourage our faith, something that seems so difficult to hold on to in struggles and dark times. Without hope, our faith wavers. The two go together.

Another way to explain faith is to say that we pray and wait expectantly for God to answer (Psalm 5:3).

I bring my requests to God and wait expectantly for His answer.

This isn’t quite the same as requesting my three year old to pick up his toys and waiting expectantly for his obedience. I could wait forever for him to acknowledge my voice. But simply by praying and waiting for an answer, God shows that He hears my voice. His spirit confesses to mine that I am heard and He will respond.

My timing is not His, but waiting expectantly shows our faith that He will answer. I might not hear His answer immediately, sometimes not for days or even weeks or months, but I still wait, expecting to hear His voice and His response to my requests. It gives me comfort to remember that the Bible encourages us in this way. So speak this confession out loud each time you feel like He’s not listening. Pray it. Confess that you will continue to bring your requests to God, and that you will wait expectantly for His answer.

What are you requesting of God today? Leave a comment and let me pray with you.

2 thoughts on “I bring my requests to God and wait expectantly

    1. Aw, thank you Sarah. My goal is to always bring the truth of God’s word to light. We need to remind ourselves constantly that what we see is not all there is to life. So this blog is dedicated to that, and to lifting up others in His name. He loves you! Be blessed today, and comment again when you can. I love to hear the thoughts that are going on out there! 🙂

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