The God of peace orders my day

Ever had one of those particularly chaotic days when it seems like everything that can go wrong, will? Water on the floor, no milk for your cereal, a nasty computer virus, and a maddening drip SOMEWHERE in your house. Before you know it, you have no computer, several holes in your walls, and a broken pipe that’s been gushing water into your basement – for weeks or months without your knowledge. And there’s still no milk for your cereal.

When my littles were newborns, I was so dizzy with emotion and hormones that I literally couldn’t see through the haze of sleeplessness, neediness, loneliness, and confusion. My days were unordered and frightening. It’s a wonder I didn’t burn my house down or forget to feed someone. (Actually, I think there were several evenings I forgot to make dinner and once or twice I forgot to feed the dog. Thank goodness for my forgiving husband and Chick-fil-a. And a truly great dog.)

Today’s confession soothes my frazzled nerves. “For God is not a God of disorder but of peace” 1 Corinthians 14:33. Knowing that my God works with reason, order, and peace helps me to slow down and turn control over to Him. I don’t have to know everything or do everything. I just have to trust Him and let His peace order my day.

The God of peace orders my day.

Because, truthfully, if He can the universe from a formless and empty space, He can surely organize my day.

Is chaos the norm for you, or have you managed that delicate balance between busy-ness and peace?

4 thoughts on “The God of peace orders my day

  1. As usual I didn’t get to this till late but it speaks powerfully to me tonight. Our house sounds like a boiler factory so between the noise and the mess, a little peace is good. Thank you<3

  2. Aw, Jules. I wish I’d sent it to you then. Isn’t it good that no matter what has happened or what kind of day we’ve had, God controls it all and works out the kinks? Hugs to you.

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