Power to be successful

Have you ever done anything you’re especially proud of? For me, it’s sometimes as simple as getting the laundry done and making dinner on the same day. But there are those really great days when I manage to craft a story or a scene in my book and it hits all the right notes. When I defuse an argument between my kids with creativity and finesse. When I correctly sense someone’s pain and speak to it with truth and love and kindness. I can’t take the credit for any of that. To be painfully honest, I’m just not that good.

But God is.

There’s a difference between having power and being powerful. One says power is given to us, the other indicates a self-originating and self-serving kind of strength. Today’s confession recognizes that we have power to do great things, to find success. The important thing to remember is that the power is not our own. It comes from the God of love. He loves you enough to give you this power. What are you doing with it?

Yahweh God gives me power to be successful. Deuteronomy 8:18

Where is your success? Can you see God’s hand in it?

2 thoughts on “Power to be successful

  1. Thanks for the follow, Alpha! So glad you liked the message. I love what your blog is about – and followed you, too! Looking forward to getting into more of your posts.

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