Wait quietly before God

I’d like to believe I’m a quiet person. Unless my children are running at mach speeds through my very small house or my dog is threatening to chew on a stranger, I don’t like to raise my voice. Much. (I do not want to see comments from my mom or sister about this…) Quiet is good. Quiet signifies calm.

But quiet does not equal peace, does it?

On the surface, we tend to think the person who is capable of sitting calmly and without sound does it because of some inner peace. Unfortunately not always the case. Consider my quiet musings as I sit in front of a non-responsive internet connection for the third straight day. I’m devising ways to stuff my wireless box into some salesperson’s mouth and demand decent customer service and my money back. No, not peaceful at all.

I love today’s confession and affirmation for that reason. It was meant to be Tuesday’s post, and it’s going up very late Wednesday night, (CORRECTION: Because my internet stopped working again, this post goes out Thursday morning. I hope.) but all things in good time, right? I had to repeat this one several times in the midst of my musings Tuesday.

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him. Psalm 62:12

My internet connection hasn’t sped up because of God or the inner power He gives me. But my spirit enjoys peace because of His power. And if that isn’t victory, I don’t know what is.

What victory have you experienced recently? If you can’t think of one, are you able to wait quietly before God until He brings it?

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