Marketing apples

Apples. Plump, red, juicy. Bite into the best one, and you’ve got a sweet mouthful of crisp and tasty life. True wisdom is like biting into that apple.

Wisdom in today’s culture of immediate gratification seems hard to come by. Even moreso is understandable, easily applied bits of wisdom. Apples of gold, those bits are, and highly valuable.

Marketing is a pursuit that never dies, no matter the state of the economy. There will always be things to buy, services to help others, ideas to stimulate the masses. What is your product, service, or idea? How have you put yourself out for the world to see and hear? Well-spoken words, or words you’d like to take back? No worries. This is a field of constant change, learning as we go, determining what works and what needs adjustment.

Marketing is a pursuit of immediate gratification, but the best marketing efforts are lasting, like wisdom. Listen to, believe, obey the world in your attempts to reach your audience, and perhaps you’ll be satisfied for a moment. Listen to the still, small voice that beckons within, and your satisfaction will be eternal. That’s the  difference in the types of wisdom you’ll find out there, and my goal here is to bring encouragement and lasting wisdom that you can easily apply to your marketing efforts.

Apples of gold in settings of silver. Sweet, crisp, and tasty life.

Come back often, and ask lots of questions. If I don’t have the answer, we’ll find it. We’ll go on a journey together to create well-spoken words and to make your marketing efforts last with real wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Marketing apples

  1. I’ve always loved Proverbs 25:11! Wonderful words and very appropriate for marketing! Glad to see you here in the blogosphere!

  2. Thanks, Mary! Wish I’d started blogging sooner. Proverbs 25:11 are words to live by in all areas, don’t you think? I’m considering doing a blog series of all the wisdom Proverbs. 🙂 Enlightening, at the very least.

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